What is the Oboloman’s dreams

That Home would be Home again, a place where no Man will feel intimidated and harassed by

The Perfect Surrounding

in that the Obolo neighbours would understand that we are a peace loving People, and live peacefully with Us🏡

Fine Food Cuisine

The best of sea food is here, oh that Men from all over the World, when they desire to have food,  good sea food, would come to the Obolo Land.

The Best Experience Ever

The beauty of any nation is in her people and in what the people have cemented on their soil. The strength of a nation is the people and the future of such a nation whether to succeed or to fail is impeded in the people and what their dream book entails. Show me a nation today that is blossoming in economy, infrastructure and other areas that doesn't have a planned map i.e a defined dream/ideals. I know of a man who is poor and has turn into a beggar because he has no dream towards success — maybe he has but he didn't make proper plans towards achieving his dreams — maybe he has planned but failed to implement it. No man will succeed without proper planning/implementations of his dreams — this same is likened to a nation. Obolo is a great nation with great minds,conscious and strong people in all walks of life. Obolo nation has produced decent and Nigeria most influential personalities. She has produced sound brains and great leaders. She kept producing yet she remains undeveloped. She is strong as per personalities but weak as per effect/plans geared towards strengthening her unity and developing her streets. Her population is becoming large yet no resources refined from the raw to feed or satisfy the needs of the people. WHAT IS THE WAY FORWARD? A Nation that must prosper must have a dream. I will love to ask; WHAT WILL BECOME OF OBOLO NATION IN THE NEXT TWO DECADES? Where are we going to be in the nearest future?. Do we as a people have a plan drawn for our beloved ethnicity? How do one succeed when he/she does not plan? Do you plan what you have not dreamt or conceived in your mind? One of the reasons why we have a shattered and unbalanced style of leadership/development plans in Obolo is because it's personal induced game not an agreed project. What's the Obolo man's Dream If I should ask again — what is the OBOLO man's dream? not what is your dream for OBOLO. The question cannot be answered with one leg off the ground. Again what's the OBOLO man's dream — where has OBOLO people agreed to be in terms of development in the next decade? You see the question is hard. Until we all agree on something, write and stamped it then we can't really get the face of OBOLO shining as most of us do desire. We all desire a better OBOLO nation. We all want Obolo to have a good place in the heart of the world. That's brilliant but it is almost impossible in fact 90% impossible to achieve success without hard work — no body does hard work when he or she does not plan or make sacrifice to. We all need to sit, reason and write down what we want. We must set out plans for development. We must write boldly in our heart the OBOLO dream. We are the Obolos and we can write and determine the future we desire. America has a dream — a nation of freedom and equal opportunity and this is working for them. China same and other developed nations. What would the Obolo dream be? Do we dream of becoming of a great nation in Nigeria though a minority group per ethnicity? Do we dream of building infrastructure? Do we dream of building technology research centres and manufacturing/commercial hubs?. What do you think? For this reason I call on every meaningful OBOLO youths to attend the proposed ANDONI YOUTH SUMMIT slated to hold on the 28th of July,2018 by 10:00 am at Trans Amadi Port Harcourt. Still on OBOLO dream I wonder the kind of love some persons have for OBOLO when they don't have anything to offer. You can offer OBOLO the following things; a) your ideas(brilliant and undiluted) b) your time(service) and c) your resources etc. OBOLO needs men/women who had thins to offer. Men/women with ideas and capacity to rebuild her broken walls and lay again foundations to replace her faulty ones and strengthened her internal peace and unity. Am so concerned about this and will always be. Am proudly OBOLO son. We need to sit, reason and draw out plans to salvage OBOLO; and this must be our goal. I call it the Dream. The OBOLO DREAM. I wish obolo youths will understand, I wish our traditional/political leaders will take this to heart and commence a speedy work. I wish our religious leaders will understand their role in bettering OBOLO nation. We need a reference book ( the Obolo Dream book) - this we must work towards and achieve. Let's build Obolo Share if you love OBOLO. Prepare yourself the task is a great one. Be part of the history. God bless OBOLO God bless Nigeria. By John Bright

Obolo , Eji mero

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