Too Bad to smoke weed (igboo)

Indian hemp bears different names in many cultures. It’s known as weed, pot, ganja, Mary Jane, grass, shunk, lala, igbo and njon
ekwukwu. Its origin can be traced to China in the 6000 BC where its seeds were used for food and medicine, among many others.
The drug, which has a scientific name, Cannabis sativa, has been used throughout history in many cultures to change mood,
perception and consciousness – to get high.
The impact of drug abuse among youths is a stigma of a morally bankrupt, decadent and wasted generation that must be
revitalized and collectively salvaged together in order to prevent the total loss of our societal values and ideals.
The nation cannot sit on the fence and pretend over the menace of drug abuse in the society. The various consequences of drug
abuse or drug addiction are so devastating and very shameful to the extent that both national and international organizations all
over the world are also worried about the spread of this scourge among youths.
1. Dry Mouth
Most people who smoke weed l are familiar with the side effect referred to as ‘cottonmouth’, meaning that users experience an
uncomfortable feeling from lack of saliva production.
2. Dizziness
Many users report feeling dizzy after smoking cannabis, particularly when they stand up.The individuals in the study who
experienced severe dizziness also showed decreases in blood pressure.
3. Increased Appetite
One of the most known side effects of weed is the ‘munchies’. Shortly after smoking, many users will experience a sudden increase
in appetite, often leading them to raid their fridge. Study suggested that weed activate certain pathways in the brain related to
4. Memory Impairment
Many studies have found that cannabis users experience short-term memory problems; other studies suggest that cannabinoids
impair all stages of memory.
Young people who use the drug may be most at risk. Also, study suggested that memory impairment is more severe in adolescent
cannabis users, and might even have a lasting impact.
However, frequent users often become tolerant to the memory problems cannabis can cause.
5. Depression
Research suggests that marijuana can cause depression mostly in young people.
6. Addiction
Like most drugs, there’s a risk of addiction associated with cannabis use.
When an individual stops using cannabis, cannabinoid receptors must adjust back to normal levels, which leads to psychological
and physical withdrawal symptoms.
7. Lung Problems
Like cigarettes, smoking igbo can have detrimental effects on a user’s respiratory system.
“Anything that lights the plant on fire creates respiratory irritants,” says Dr. Mitch Earleywine.
Studies show that people who smoke weed can suffer from respiratory problems, such as bronchitis, coughing and wheezing.