The concept of God (Awaji, Owaji) in Obolo Language

As a theologian I spend most of my time with God and the rest I invest into research. Three weeks ago a man called me and
complained so bitterly about my passion for research, I was shocked when he told me that i am too young to know most of what I
know not that I was wrong about those ideas. Then I asked myself “Is old age or white hair a sign of wisdom ? ” absolutely NO ! of
all mountain none is higher than ignorant.
During my adventure to search on the idea of God in different ethnic groups i discover something amazing about Africans. Most
people will say that Africans had no knowledge of God Almighty before the coming of Christianity, well it’s wrong to say that.
Without much talk I will just point at the name our fathers gave God before Christianity Arrived our region.
The Igbos for instance called God “Chukwu”. Chukwu is the supreme being. In the Igbo pantheon, Chukwu is the source of all other
Igbo deities, and is responsible for assigning them their different tasks. The Igbo people believe that all things come from Chukwu,
who brings the rains necessary for plants to grow and controls everything on earth and the spiritual world. They believe Chukwu to
be an infinitely powerful, undefinable, supreme deity encompassing everything in space and space itself.
Linguistic studies suggest that the name “Chukwu” or “Chukouuee” is a
portmanteau of the Igbo words “Chi” (“spiritual being”) and “Ukwu” (“great in size”). Meaning “the Spirit being that is great in
The Ibibios called God “Abasi”. Abasi is a short form of “Aba nsinsi Ibom” meaning “The one that has existed before the world
came” (Ancient Being).
The Obolos called God “Awaji” or “Owaji” Awaji is a short form of “Awa ki ji” literary mean “Our sacred place” but perceived as “our
sacred being” Oral source revealed that the concept came as a result of the people’s experience with several god’s, so they belief
that the Great one up is the creator and the sacred one.
Please is there any contrary version of the name Awaji ? Lets discuss and learn something new. Thanks. Steven C.