Thatch-house in Obolo land

The provision of shelter is an important aspect of life no man can do without. The major comfort of man here on earth is enhanced
by the construction of a residential home where man derives his convenience. To achieve this, buildings must be well designed and
efficiently constructed to exclude not only the adverse environmental factors such as weather, noise and heat but should provide
adequate light and ventilation. The construction of fantastic structures is a major attribute of man that distinguishes him from the
beast. Over the years, Obolo man has developed some materials like thatches, sticks, etc. for the construction of house. The
application of thatches in construction of shelter does not require much energy to manufacture it unlike brick cement, steel,
concrete, etc. Thatch house building is simple and can be easily recycled. The house being constructed on island provides air
conditioning system which provides cool air from the massive walls.
Thatching methods have traditionally been passed down from generation to generation in Obolo history. In most Obolo fishing
settlement, the people uses thatches ( Aga ) to construct house for their fishing business. One could possibly ask why? The reason
is not farfetched. The traditional thatch house is open to ventilation, it’s easy and less expensive to construct. It can be loosen and
taken to another location when water approaches the area. It does not require long term plan or the help of an expert. However,
it’s has the highest risk of fire.
In this amazing construction, Obolo man happily live and carry out his business. Some lived here and build mansion in the city,
Some raised their children who are great men and women today.