January 26, 2022

Shocking facts about Teenage Pregnancies

Here are some of the most alarming facts about teenage pregnancy:
-Most teens get pregnant due to unprotected sexual intercourse, a lack of maturity and a lack of personal responsibility.
-A lack of proper sex education, the stigmatizing of sex, and many other societal rules contribute directly or indirectly to teen
pregnancy. It is important to garner information from a reliable source, and not blindly follow the internet or Reddit. Teens should
speak to their physicians about sex and pregnancy.
-40% of teen mothers are unable to pursue higher education and cannot offer their child a strong financial ground.
-For a teenage mother, it may take a relatively longer time span to attain a stable living, and the child has to suffer the negative
-Most young fathers hesitate to commit to the teen mother and moms have to raise the child alone.
-Taking responsibility for the child is a huge burden itself, and the teen mother has to face several negative consequences like
financial distress, no committed partner, lack of education or good job and no permanent house. All these consequences of
teenage pregnancy on society make life more difficult for the mother and her baby.
-Teenage parents often have to face negative judgment from their family and friends and have to face discrimination from society.
It makes life more miserable for the teen, as she cannot handle society.
-Having a child at a young age, does not stop either of the young parents from fulfilling their dreams or attaining success in life.
However, the things become more difficult because of the extra responsibility of taking care of the baby.
-Almost all teen pregnancies, around 80%, are unplanned and unexpected. A lack of sex education and contraception is the main
reason for it.
-Over a quarter of pregnant teens choose abortion to get rid of their hardships and social implications of teenage pregnancy on
-Teenage pregnancy imposes several pregnancy complexities like anemia, hypertension, toxemia, premature delivery and placenta.
One of the most effective measures to prevent teenage pregnancy amongst the young generation is through proper sex education
and by promoting abstinence. As a responsible parent, you should try instilling moral or religious values in your teen. With proper
guidance, it becomes easy for them to lead a successful life and not commit mistakes at their impressionable age. Society should
guide teens down the right path, rather than passing negative remarks and discouraging them.

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