LOCATION.it is located between latitude 4°N and 5°N of the equator and between longitude 7°E and 8°E of the Greenwich
POSITION. Oyorokoto is located in rivers state of Nigeria. It is located in andoni local government area of rivers state. It is
bounded in west by a creek,in the east and north by a river named after oyorokoto(oyorokoto river) and in the south by the
Atlantic ocean.
SIZE.history has it that oyorokoto is the largest fishing port in west africa in terms of land area and level of fish production. It’s
land area is approximately 301km^2.
PEOPLE AND POPULATION.the andonians remain the largest people and as a fishing port it inhabits the Yoruba’s, Hausa’s, Igbo’s,
Cameronians,Ghanaians,akwa iboms etc.it has heterogeneous population. Population is above 20 thousands people from the 2006
population census.
ECONOMIC ACTIVITIES. Due to her location near a river and ocean. Majority of oyorokoto inhabitants are involved in fishing,
commercial, water transportation etc.
RELIEF. It is a lowland area of not more than 200m above the sea level.
DRAINAGE. Oyorokoto is purely riverine and lagoons with Creeks and part of the Atlantic ocean.
CLIMATE. Oyorokoto is located in the equatorial belt of Nigeria. It has high temperature of between 26°C and 32°C with low annual
range of temperature. Rainfall is high with double maxima during June/July and September/October with a short August break. Its
humidity is as a result if its closeness to the ocean.
By Ngoh Prince.