The name , Obolo can be interpreted variously as : (a) a name of a person , that is , the founder of the Obolo ethnic nationality . (b) a geographical area occupied by a people and , (c) a name by which the inhabitants can be identified . Thus they can be known traditionally as Ebi-Obolo ( Obolo people or more literally children of Obolo ) The Obolo’s are the first group of people to inhabit the eastern fringes of the Niger Delta , and  Being bounded on the North by Ogoni and Okrika , South by the Atlantic Ocean , on the West by Bonny and the East by the Ibibios of Akwa-Ibo State , the area straddles the Imo River estuary (Okwan Obu) which cuts the region into two parts , separating the Eastern Obolo from its Western Obolo brother . Presently , Eastern Obolo with its headquarters at Okoroete , is in Akwa Ibom State while Western Obolo (Andoni) with its seat at Ngo , is in Rivers State . Strictly speaking there are very large Islands in Obolo (Andoni) , The first running from Oyorokoto through Agana , Ngo to Agbama and another from Asarama through Egendem to Unyeada . Yet , in Eastern Obolo, the land mass runs from Okoroete through Ikot Akpadem and divert a little westwards to Iko Abasi (Egwenga) and east to Eket , Ibeno and Oron . Obolo has a network of numerous indented creeks that sparsely run its course to the main rivers . Being crossed by a network of salt water creeks and estuaries , these might have provided the reason why the people’s main occupation since their settlement is fishing . Though they engage in other activities such as salt making , trading and native craft work , and are among the highest Producers of Oil, fishing was and still is , the main stay of the Obolos . God will continue to bless Obolo

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