Facts about crayfish

Few things you didn’t know about crayfish
1. Crayfish have blue blood.
2. Crayfish do not walk backwards, however they can swim backwards by flapping their tail.
3.The male crayfish has two extra legs under his belly.
4. Signal crayfish have a pale patch near the claw hinge.
5. Crayfish breathe with gills, just like fish.
6. Crayfish are cannibals and eat each other.
7. Crayfish must be at least 9 cm.
8. Crayfish is the indicator of clean water since they do not live in polluted water.
9. The eyes of a crayfish can move independently.
9. A Hydro-geologist is the name of someone studying the crayfish;
10. Crayfish can grow their legs back in case they lose them. Same goes for their claws;
11. In captivity, the crayfish can live up to 2 years;
12. Feeding is done at night;
1. Promotes Healthy Skin
Surprisingly, crayfish can help promote a beautiful and healthy skin. This benefit is associated with the presence of omega-3 fatty
acids which protects the skin against UV (Ultra-Violent) rays. As the consequence with the great protection, nutrients in crayfish
can help to deal with spots and blemishes. By consuming crayfish, this will help one achieve a youthful glowing skin.
2. Cures Inflammation
Due to the presence of protein and other vitamins, crayfish is beneficial to cure inflammation in the body . It increases the
production of prostaglandins, compounds which can protect the body. The nutrients in crayfish can help protect the body from
environmental stress. With this benefit, crayfish is great to protect the body against risks of certain health problems.
3. Promotes Healthy Joints
Crayfish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which has a positive effect in promoting healthy joints. As the consequence, it can help to
ease tender joints and reduce morning stiffness. Indeed, seafood can help to reduce the risks of body inflammation including joint
pain as well.
4. Promotes Eyes Health
The presence of omega-3 fatty acids in crayfish plays a major role in promoting the overall body health. With this great nutrient
contained in crayfish, it helps reduce the risks of loss vision and muscular degeneration. Indeed, by consuming the ideal amount of
crayfish, one will get the best health results for sure. Also, adding vitamin A foods like carrot and other green vegetables would
further help to promote healthy vision.
5. Boosts Energy Level
As a matter of fact, we need energy as the fuel in our life. We need the great nutrients from foods to boost the energy fuels as
well. The energy itself will support the body’s activity as well. Consequently, as crayfish provides the essential protein, thus it will
be valuable to repair the cells resulting in building more energy levels. If you want to have the energizing life, then choosing
crayfish as your food option can be a great source as well.
6. Promotes Heart Health
The presence of omega-3 fatty acids in crayfish, promotes a healthy heart. The nutrient will help reduce the risks of cardiovascular
health problems such as strokes and heart attack. Sodium contained in crayfish takes part in preventing the inflammation in the
body. Consequently, it will prevent the risks of heart issues by maintaining the cholesterol balance for sure.
7. Prevents Depression
With the great nutrients in crayfish, it is believed that this food can help to deal with depression. This benefit is also linked to the
presence of oemga-3 fatty acids which promotes the mental health. Consequently, if you suffer from hard days or in bad
condition, then consume crayfish in order to help you get rid of the risks of depression.
8. Improves Body Metabolism
As crayfish provides the good range of essential nutrients such as vitamins (vitamins such as B1, B3, biotin, and B12). It is valuable
in improving the body metabolism . The presence of omega-3 fatty acids in crayfish also allows this food to promote the immune
function by reducing risks of diseases. Thus if you want to improve the body metabolism having crayfish will fulfill your nutrient
needs in the body.
9. Regenerates Body Cells
Crayfish is one of great seafood which can help you obtain the best health results. As crayfish contains the good source of protein,
it will help regenerate the body cells. For this reason, the good protein intake will help to repair the broken cells and building the
new cells. Thus, by renewing the body cells, the body organs will function effectively.
10. Promotes Healthy Brain
There are several ways to increase and enhance the brain functioning. One of the great ways is by consuming the right foods. Due
to the presence of omega-3 fatty acids, crayfish is great to promote the work of brain functioning. As a result, this benefit is
related to the presence of amino acids which gives more energy to the brain. Even so, crayfish can help
prevent the risks of Alzheimer’s disease . Furthermore, omega-3 fatty acids in crayfish are beneficial to boost the cognitive
function as well.

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