The chairman of OYC, Rivers State chapter, Comr Amie Elisha Simeon genuinely commends Amni International for coming to the aid of Andoni people in this perilous time as Host and impacted communities. In his speech narrates Amni International benevolence as a right step in the right direction and a welcome development to Andoni – Obolo nation. Comr. Amie Elisha Simeon reiterated that there is no better time than now to show love to meritorious loved ones, as no sacrifice will be too big for Obolo people considering the enormous benefits the multinationals are getting from our environment. It is really a time to look inward, make amends and give back to the society for the sake of our corporate existence. It is on this premise that the OYC Rivers State chapter, deemed it fit to support Andoni – Obolo people with the following food items; (1) 50 bags of 25kg of Rice. (2) 50 bags of 25kg of Garri. (3) 50 bags of Beans. to compliment the kind gesture of AMNI INT’L PETRO DEV Company to increase the quantity of food items so that it will go round the Andoni communities spanning from Ibot-okpon Obolo, Okoroboile, Ekede, down to Oyorokoto, Egendem community. More so, communities in Ataba clan, Communities in Asarama clan and those in Unyeada clan respectively. It should be noted that Amni company commenced distribution of palliatives since on Sunday the 24th of May, 2020, within the Ngo mainland, which includes: 1.Rice 137 bags 2.Beans 137 bags 3.Garri 137 bags 4.semolina 137 bags. 5. Indomie 137 cartons 6.Groundnut oil 137 Rubber. All in 25kg bags. In a related development, the OYC chairman scowled at the wilful attitude of Green Energy Jv, playing politics with food, unlike when they sincerely distributed scholarship slots across Andoni communities and it was applauded by OYC for a job well done but this new habit of sentimentally giving foursome communities in the name of Host communities, while the other impacted communities in Andoni are left to their faith and mercies, we stoop to wonder what they actually intend to achieve with this kind of nostalgic attitude. Alas!, it was revealed that it was an underground conspiracy to incite one community against the other as the response of Mrs Amakiri *(Green* *Energy)* when contacted was not friendly to the Youths. Finally, the Obolo Youth Coalition, Rivers State chapter admonished all investors operating in Andoni territory to emulate Amni International Development Company and eschew discord tendencies that tend to divide and jeopardize our corporate existence, love, peace and unity , as what binds us is greater than the trivial things that are stirring at us on our face which are conceived to divide us. Long live Obolo Nation Long live OYC Obolo itiki……. Comr. Jones Titus PRO

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