AWAJI, is the Andoni name for God. Etymologically, it consist of two syllables: “Awa” and “Eji”. Awa in Andoni is the innermost part of a shrine. The awa is holy, reserved and sacred. It holds the secrets of a deity. It is the direct place for invocation of the powers of a deity. It is a sanctuary and a refuge. The awa is entered only by persons fully initiated into the order of the particular deity. Major awa(s) in Andoni include Awa-York-Obolo, Awa-Nwantam and Awa-Ekrikamba.

“Eji” is a fluid collective personal pronoun. It can be used as subject like “we” or object like “us”. “Eji” is also used to show possession like “our”. When the Andoni man talks of God as “Awa-Eji”, it simply means that for us (Eji), God is “Awa”. God is Awa-Eji, our own “Awa”. God is our sanctuary, He is the secret and power behind our existence. We (eji) think of God as Awa—our sacred place and refuge.

Proudly Barr. Awaji-gbanam Paul Alfred.

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