Panthers our pilgrims
And the echoes of your breathe
Lay up the forte and walls
Now we walk in ego and greed
Selfish and heedless creed
Thrown away the bonds of your virility
And Andoni
Unspeakable aborigines
Mystic beyond melchezedek order
Stand in awful shame and smiling greed
Both Macbeth and Caesar
Lives in heart of forgetfulness
And thrown to the wild beast of sentiments
Even our benefactor…
Erefrokuma Arong
In dark clouds of brighter hate
A towering tower
Pulled down in a blink
For a morsel and a finger.
Mbira wakes in my bosom
Rising in the beauty of the even sun.
But these men
Of wants, power and torments
Think they worth a worthy name?
Like Mgbugbo-Okwan
Erefrokuma Arong
Mbira the bravest of men.
Ifït-akoñ progenitor
Defender and warrior
Mightier sword and keg
Obolo sinks in blood of Obolo bloods
When you come
Tell Mgbugbo-Okwan
That the Andoni they left sinks in tears and greed
When you sleep
Tell otaman gwung idó
That his offspring eats their flesh
Invite Ogbolo-akon and utile
Don’t forget Ogbilikara, Asuk and Nna Biget
Tell them of our foes and woes
Tell them that thick darkness ravage the land
And in her abundance
Men of greed and wants
Plunder us,
Ask them whether yok-Obolo wears tinted agbada
Sound this nkôm…
That men who feed on fish now catch oil
And come home with hunger and greezing nets
And their children roam in starvation and cries.
When you come
Choose who you give us as brethren
Not mindless bloodsuckers
And ruthless kind devils
Who come when election is announced
And leave with certificate of no return.
Their brutish boots
Marsh our peace and safety
Who cares…
Alas! Alas!!
Your name vanished hurriedly on their lips
Like a serpentine saliva,
Because they have no name.
We sink and hope to rise again
~Nsan Eneyo

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