This website is basically about the Obolo People; from those that are living in their traditional settlement or homes, to those that are in the fishing settlement-areas, to those in their places of Businesses, to those in the Diaspora.
It is a place to bring everyone of the Obolo People together, so that together we can build synergy from all what we have been doing in the individual units, for the furtherance of the cause of building a modern,sustainable and better Obolo Nation.
Obolo itiki !

Our Dream OBOLO

We desire the Obolo that Brothers will not think of Killing Fellow Brothers in the name of vain supremacy
We desire the Obolo that would become a Tourist Destination of Africa!
We desire the Obolo Nation that would become a Technological,Tourism , Agric and Artistic Hub
We Desire the Obolo Nation that Would become like Silicon Valley
We desire an Obolo Nation where Our Towns & Villages will be Linked with Modern Infrastructure of good and quality Roads, Pipe Borne water, Constant Electricity supplies, well-equipped Hospitals, and Schools,
and an Obolo, that would be Peaceful.
Awaji ya ye!

lets build the Obolo

The future of the Modern Obolo Nation starts now

High Youth Achievers

Our  Professionals who gain recognitions or won awards across the Glebe

Our Media Team

Every one of our team members is devoted to delivering the finest Obolo task.

Gwun-orene R. Ezekiel

Software, and Business Developer & Manager .

Itoeminsan Idante

Social Media Personnel

Nsan Ukafia

Online Manager

Ayama Ediena-igbem

General Media

Our Partners in progress

Contact us for partnership

, and for inquiries


No. 1 Obolo Headquarters.

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